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The reviews are in - We Dissent Podcast is a hit!

Hemant Mehta@hemantmehta
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Congrats to Liz Cavell, @rsmarkert, @AlisonMGill1, and @Mon_L_Miller on the first episode of their podcast discussing legal cases involving state/church separation. I loved being a fly on the wall listening to intelligent lawyers discuss this potentially major SCOTUS case."

The Friendly Atheist

This is the podcast we need right now.
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"With the current rise of dangerous Christian national extremism supported by a judiciary packed with right wing religious ideologues, this is the podcast we need right now. The four brilliant cohosts, lawyers from three important secular civil rights organizations, provide some much needed sanity during these insane times. When it comes to the We Dissent podcast, I concur!"
American Values addressed
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"This new venue represents the single, best yet effort to explain, and help maintain one important American Value, e.g. Separation of Church and State." -Steve Lowen
Educational & Informative
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"Learning so much about the constitution!"
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"I've enjoyed this first episode so much. They are so well-spoken, and the way that the case is presented and discussed is very easy to understand. If you enjoy OA from the Puzzle in a Thunderstorm crew, then you will also enjoy We Dissent."
Thank you!Arthur
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"Just found your podcast and am thankful for your voices. Will continue to tune in to your insights. Thank you."
Loved your first show!Esther
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"Thanks for doing this podcast. It is so refreshing to hear from four female lawyers on topics important to freethinkers. I heard your show teased on FFRF's podcast, so thanks to Annie Laurie Gaylor and Dan Barker for steering me your way. Can't wait for the next episode."
Incredibly insightful
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"This is an incredible podcast, hosted by a wonderful group of women! Though the information is terrifying, this is the information we need to be aware of regarding how our country is radically and quickly changing. Thank you for enlightening us!"
Best clear and careful explanations of Supreme Court casesCwmdyli Ed
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"The very best source of clear and careful descriptions of the Supreme Court cases they cover. One of the few that focuses on the current 6-3 packed Supreme Court’s attack on the constitutional value of maintaining a separation between church (religion) and state (government)."
I do not dissent
Skeptic Matthew
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Is there a perfect legal podcast? If there is, this is it. Direct and focused on state/church entanglement which in this day and age just may be the source of all the legal and government hellscapes we're enduring. Amazingly knowledgable hosts who know how to deliver the information directly to lay people.
The best legal podcast
aspiring realtor
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"I found this when I was listening to the Freedom from Religion podcast and I am so happy I found this podcast. I appreciate the work that they do and how they keep the listeners informed on what’s going on."

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